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What are the common categories of student desks and chairs?

According to the classification of desk materials, some markets mainly have the following three products: Wooden desktop (hardwood, from student desks, wood processing commonly used in non urban areas); Steel plastic desk (steel and plastic combined support as a product and melamine as a panel); Desk rubber (rubber alloy material used for school furniture products through molding machinery)

According to the classification of the use of tables and chairs, flat tables are commonly used in primary and secondary schools, and there are ladder tables and reading room tables in universities. Of course, desks in primary and secondary schools are also divided into movable tables and fixed tables. The tables and chairs of Chinese students generally follow the development track of tables and chairs in Western schools. From the material composition and development history, there is no obvious difference between the two. Both experienced the stage of miscellaneous wood manufacturing, steel wood integration and hard plastic substitution. In terms of form, they gradually transition from single form to ascending form and connecting form, which is more in line with various forms of ergonomics. Moreover, with the development of teenagers' height and weight. There are problems in revising the standards of tables and chairs at home and abroad, but there are also differences, mainly reflected in the placement of tables and chairs. Compared with the general consistency in China, the arrangement of desks and chairs for foreign students is flexible and diverse.

As the name suggests, lifting a student's desk is a table that can adjust the height of the desk. The design of the lifting student desk factory is to slide up and down between the sliding shafts through the relevant fasteners of the desk legs, which are fixed by screws to adjust the height of the desk to meet the requirements of the school and students. The material of lifting student table: it is mainly steel wood composite structure, and the table top is melamine plate and table leg steel structure. The stool is also a steel wood structure, and the desk also has corresponding firmware to adjust the height; A plastic lifting student table is also provided;

Advantages: the desk stool can adjust the height of students and build it for students. However, due to the fixed student desk, it does not cause various diseases, such as myopia. Advantages and disadvantages are inevitable. Because students' desks are made of steel and wood, resulting in complex table and stool legs, it is too troublesome for students to clean the classroom, but because they can't easily adjust the height and need to borrow some equipment to adjust the height, resulting in many desks becoming fixed lifting tables.


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