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On the size of solid wood folding table

When folding table manufacturers make folding tables, size is a very important problem. Let's learn about relevant knowledge.

Overall, the shapes of solid wood folding tables are relatively diverse, and their folding methods are also very diverse, so the sizes of solid wood folding tables are very changeable. However, no matter how diverse their sizes are, they will always focus on one center, that is, saving space, making the best use of the existing space and making satisfactory products for consumers. Solid and the size of the wooden folding table can not be completely. When it comes to the size of the folding table, it can not be determined. In fact, the price of solid wood folding table is not very expensive. It is not as expensive as the marble table we usually use. The price of marble table is generally more than 1000 yuan, while the general price of solid wood folding table is hundreds to 1000 yuan due to its small volume and less materials. Most consumers can afford it.

Keep indoor ventilation regularly, so that the indoor humid air can be exchanged with the outdoor, and the chemicals in the folding table can be volatilized and discharged to the outdoor as far as possible, so as to make the air convective or adopt the air conditioning system and ventilation system; Moreover, the folding table shall be placed stably to ensure the use function of the product and prevent damage to its structure. If the ground is uneven, the legs of the folding table must be padded firmly to ensure that the legs of the folding table are stressed stably.


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