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Folding function and adjustment function of folding table

In school, many students will use folding tables. The design of folding table manufacturers is to realize the characteristics of practicality, convenience and space saving on the bed.

In terms of folding function, the folding table adopts the four-bar mechanism model in the mechanical principle, uses the dead center position as the support point, and makes the four bars just overlap on the same straight line, and then fixed on the bed tube, so as to occupy less space, fold and retract when not in use, and restore when in use, which is simple and easy to use. In terms of adjustment function, the height can be adjusted at will with the individual height, and does not hinder the normal bedtime of students. It is suitable for any height group. The surface of the folding table is a fireproof board layer or molding board, and the periphery is formed by sealing the edge of plastic strip or aluminum alloy strip. Therefore, do not pour water directly on the table or wipe it directly with a cloth with water, which is very easy to cause water swelling and damage to the edge sealing of the table.

After fixed opening, because the size is larger than the general small table, it can meet the needs of placing daily books and computers and doing homework on one side. The desktop can bear the weight of 30-35 kg. After retraction and folding, it can be used as a bedside cushion for leisure.


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