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Where is the innovation of folding table

When making products, if the folding table manufacturer adopts four-bar mechanism, rotating mechanism and sliding mechanism for the main body of the folding table, the cost of the product can be reduced and the folding effect can be achieved at the same time.

The main innovation of the folding table lies in: the dead center principle of the four-bar mechanism can play the role of supporting the desktop, so as not to cause the phenomenon of automatic folding of the desktop in use; The applicable width of the table can be adjusted freely by using the rotating mechanism, but it is required to be suitable for beds with small width difference; From the perspective of space utilization, the folding table can also use the effective space between the upper and lower bunks, which can be folded when not in use without taking up too much space.

The emergence of folding table solves the embarrassment encountered by many people: buying a large table usually seems wasteful for small family meals, and buying a small table can't cope with holiday party meals. The function of retracting and releasing freely makes it easy to deal with. For small house decoration, it is always a headache that the narrow area can not achieve the ideal functional area, so multi-function and folding are the key words for choosing small house furniture. The dining table, an important activity habitat for the family, can not be omitted even if it is a small house type, so a space-saving dining table is very necessary.


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