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How to maintain the folding table?

When making folding tables, folding table manufacturers vary in size according to the needs, but generally follow the principle of minimizing and being practical as far as possible.

In normal maintenance, you can also use a rag to clean the surface in time, which is conducive to the table will not be polluted by vegetable juice and the painting of clothing surface. Over time, you might as well apply a layer of wax on the surface of the table. The size of the folding table is closely related to the maintenance, especially when the size of the folding table is relatively long. If only half of the table is used, the maintenance of the other half must not be ignored. It needs to be stored in a cool place to avoid expansion and damage of the folding table.

If the environment continues to be hot, or the indoor temperature difference caused by humid weather and air conditioning is too large, the external folding table will be damaged, ranging from peeling and fading to expansion and deformation. If it is a solid wood folding table, it will also deform, crack and expand in the fierce direct sunlight and too dry and humid environment. Therefore, from all levels, the environment has a great impact on solid wood furniture.


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