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Discrimination of surface quality of folding table

When purchasing products from folding table manufacturers, we should not only check the support part to see whether the opening and closing of the folding table are smooth, but also check whether the surface treatment is qualified.

We can judge by hand feeling, that is, put your hand on the outdoor folding table to judge whether the surface of the outdoor folding table is very smooth. If it is smooth, it means that the quality is relatively good. Pay attention to whether the table foot and other parts are rough. You can also check whether the paint on the surface of the folding table is scratched, whether the paint at the corner is too thick, and whether there are cracks or bubbles. Different folding tables have different colors and different ways of use, so we should also analyze specific problems. In terms of use, we should also pay attention to the important parts equipped in the connecting part of the folding table. When selecting connecting accessories, we should pay attention to rust prevention and bearing capacity. If they are unqualified, don't buy them.

The folding table is made of different materials, most of which have the shadow of solid wood, and the environment will affect it. Therefore, the maintenance of the folding table is very important. It is necessary to clean the table in time, which can not only ensure the appearance of the folding table, but also prolong its service life.


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