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  • Plywood for building structure Plywood for building structure

    Compared with the common building formwork, the clear water formwork has obvious characteristics, such as light weight, large breadth

  • Poplar formwork plywood Poplar formwork plywood

    Plywood formwork is large in width, easy to shape, light in weight and less in consumables. At present, most of the building templates have been replaced

  • The quality requirement of building plywood edge cutting is very high The quality requirement of building plywood edge cutting is very high

    The smaller the trimming allowance is, the more favorable it is to the wood utilization ratio. It is related to the size of construction plywood

  • Poplar Construction Plywood Poplar Construction Plywood

    Poplar is a kind of wood with light weight and great strength. The plywood made with it also inherits these advantages.

  • shuttering plywood shuttering plywood

    Shuttering plywood is a kind of temporary support structure, which is made according to the design requirements

  • All Eucalyptus construction plywood All Eucalyptus construction plywood

    Membrane covered building formwork is clear water building formwork. A layer of waterproof membrane is covered on the formwork of membrane covered building

  • What are the characteristics of poplar plywood? What are the characteristics of poplar plywood?

    Poplar is widely planted in our country. Because of its loose material, soft texture and low price, it is suitable for home decoration.

  • All poplar building plywood All poplar building plywood

    Linyi Utop Wood Co., Ltd. supplies all kinds of poplar construction plywood with various specifications. These plywood are made of high-quality veneer and phenolic resin glue by hot pressing.



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